How to Repair video file?

Suppose you have a Pentax digital camera and you recorded the event of your first kid’s birthday and this must be really precious to you. Later to watch the video clip with your family you connected the camera with your MacBook But the video file was unplayable on your Mac Quick time player. The file got corrupted as the laptop started rebooting itself continuously and resulting in corruption of file system so you immediately removed the card and checked with the camera but the files were missing. This happened so suddenly that you were unable to understand what actually made the file to get corrupt. Now you must be depressed and searching out for a method to repair your corrupted video clip. The wonderful moment once captured can’t be replaced.

However, don’t panic!!! You can repair video file by making use of fix video tool. There are many such repair tools available on internet which effectively meets the requirement of the users.

Now-a-days recording videos are the best option for the users to memorize and relive the wonderful moments which they face in their day to day life. The usage of digital cameras and digital camcorders has become very common to capture videos because of which everyone is well aware with these video recording devices.    The video files captured can be used in different portable devices like MacBook, MacBook air laptops, computers, digital cameras, camcorders etc. Apple devices stores the videos in MOV or MP4 file extension that can be easily played on Quick Time player for Mac systems.

The video file used either in recording cameras or any other storage devices always brings you a lot of enjoyment. But sometimes the data stored in the drives become inaccessible and the video clips may refuse to play on your Quick time player. This result in loss your precious data. This might have occurred due to several reasons as listed below:

Memory card corruption: The memory card gets corrupted when users pull it out accidentally from the camera/card reader unknowingly while copying the video files. Hence the videos get corrupted or lost.

Virus attack: If the user connects the digital camcorder to the Mac machine and if the antivirus program is not updated then the camera or any other storage drives may be infected by virus. Therefore the files present in it get infected and you will not be able to access leading to loss of your data.

Switching off Camera: If you switch off your digital camera during read/write process when it is connected to computer, it may damage files on it and you may end losing all your files.

Improper plugging: If the users plug the data storage device improperly then this may corrupt the video files stored in it and this causes loss of data.

Catalog files corruption: The catalog files in Mac systems are very much important for proper storing and management if any corruption to these files damages the file header of your video file, thus making it unplayable on any type of video file player.

Always to avoid any loss of data users must follow some of the precautions like:

  • Use updated antivirus software.
  • Keep proper backup of data.
  • Use UPS to avoid power fluctuations.
  • Always remove your storage device using proper exit option.

There are instances where user may still face the above scenarios and struggle to repair their files. The reliable repair software which helps you to repair damaged video file and get back your valuable data from various storage devices.

This tool is specifically designed to repair unplayable video file formats like .MOV or .MP4 on Quick Time player on Mac machines. The tool allows the user to repair video file of any size and also highly encrypted files are fixed on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and for higher versions. It enables to fix video file on MacBook laptops during storing or transferring files when your laptop suddenly reboots and file system is corrupted. This tool repairs broken/damaged video file by making use of an automated process. This tool has built in algorithms that extract audio and video data streams from damaged video file and fix them side by side and later join them to make a good playable video file. The software can be used easily by following few basic steps.

First you need to evaluate the trial version of the repair software by installing it on the hard drive of your computer and run the application. Click on “Open” to select the desired video file to be repaired and then click on “Repair” button to continue. Once the repair process is completed you can check the performance if it meets your requirement you can go for its full version available over the internet.